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A Freelance Web, Graphic and Video Developer based in Manchester.

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Manchester, UK

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Welcome to Dale Fitton Design

A Competition / Award-Winning, Freelance Web, Graphic and Video Developer based in Manchester.

We Tell Stories


We create stunning Video that captures and tell stories to make long-lasting memories and impressions. We have a range of Cameras, Lenses, Lighting and Rigs at our disposal. Should you require 4k, Drone Shots, Photography or Slow Motion... Then we have everything you're looking for.

Featured Work

We are always working on something! Take a look at what we are currently working on and get in touch with any enquiries you may have.


Booklet Design - Flyers - Business Cards - Content Creation - Consultation

ACS is a Nationwide company specialising in both Commercial and Residential on-site paint spraying and refurbishment. We have created everything from Booklet to Flyers and much more!

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Printing - Web Development - Branding - Print - Social Media - Consultation

Resin Gold is a driveway and landscaping contractor based in Stockport, Cheshire. Since 2019 we have looked after his Website, the design and printing of Leaflets, Flyers, Boards and Business Cards.


Menu Design - Web Development - Videography - Consultation

Exose is a chef and Masterchef Finalist (2019) from Manchester. He has worked in the industry for over 8 years. He reached out to me seeking a Website, Videography and Menu Designs.


Logo - Branding - Print Design - Consultation

A family-run company with the community at its heart. Property Solutions North West are based in South Manchester. We have helped with their Branding as well as Flyers.


Creating Mobile Friendly Websites


Mobile Phones are now accounting for 58.7% of the internets traffic and with the number likely to rise in the future, it is now more important than ever to make sure your Website is responsive on all platforms, including Desktop, Tablets and Mobiles.

Based in Manchester

We have been providing Affordable Freelance Web Design as well as other services for over 10 years.


We pride ourselves on what our customers think. Your feedback helps us to improve our products and services.


"I have the best logo made by one and only Dale Fitton!! Quick response, great cooperation a perfect understanding of your needs!"


Branding is much more then a logo


A strong and consistent brand presence that is forever developing is what sets apart the elite business from the rest of the pack. The logo, Colour Palette, Typography, Brand values, Language etc, all factor into your brand's presence among your audience and competitors.

Like & Share

Your support has helped us massively over the years and we are grateful for everyone who likes and shares our work. Keep updated on what we are working on as well as, the new products and services we will be introducing.

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Affordable Web, Media and Graphic Design

We work around your budget whilst honouring our values and commitment to delivering quality work.


Expand your sales online!


It is estimated by 2040 that 95% of all retail purchases will be made using E-commerce. Online Purchases have already increased by 35% in 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. With a whole new market to explore, now is the perfect time to upgrade your point of reach and sale.


We have had the pleasure of working with big companies, local businesses and public figures. 


Expand and reach out to your audience


There are roughly 3.5 Billion "active" Social Media Users with a new account being created every 6 seconds. The average amount of accounts a user has is 7.6 taking the average daily usage at 142 minutes. It's time to take your social media account seriously!

Recent Posts

We have had the pleasure of working with big companies, local businesses and public figures. 


Durable Vinyl for all kinds of fabrics


Our vinyl is long-lasting and survives washes in high temperatures. With a variety of colours and styles to choose from we are able to print on T-Shirts, Jumpers, Jackets, Gloves, Hats, Hi-Vis and more. We also print using Cotton, Polyester and much more materials.

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We have had the pleasure of working with big companies, local businesses and public figures. 

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