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TFGM - Transport For Greater Manchester's Traffic Signs

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

TFGM have been making our morning commute to work that little more bearable with light hearted and witty humour on their traffic information boards.

Image by Manchester Evening News

Communicating With Your Audience

Wether it be warnings, information or advice for upcoming fixtures or events, you will find moments of well placed humour that you do not expect. TFGM's ability to link these events and communicate with its target audience whilst handling a normally mundane task of informing the public on Traffic flow and safety.

Subliminal Advertising

Subliminal Advertising is an important tool for TFGM. They must inform their audience without distracting them due to the safety of the road users. Relating to your audience and triggering emotion at the right time on the road while someone is driving is not easy. The use of traffic signs to supply information and personality to connect with its audience is a clever advertising method.

Image by Manchester Evening News

Red vs Blue

The Manchester United and Manchester City rivalry is nothing new to the person looking in, it effects our work-life, home-life, sleep and even our traffic. Sticking to its formula, TFGM uses humour and banter to communicate subliminal messages often taken little digs at both sides.

Image by Manchester Evening News

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