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Step into the world of our graphic designer's portfolio - a captivating tapestry of creativity, innovation, and visual storytelling.

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Traders Tiki Bar

Slick By Mick is a unisex mobile barber run by a freelance hairdresser. Having started the business in 2022 Slick By Mick is growing its following and client base through social media.


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Architectural Coating Solution is a leading commercial painting contractor based in Manchester and operating across the UK. We helped update the branding as well as printing.

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Slick By Mick

Slick By Mick is a unisex mobile barber run by a freelance hairdresser. Having started the business in 2022 Slick By Mick is growing its following and client base through social media.


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Joanne & Alex Wedding

Close friends Joanne and Alex reached out to me about the possibility of taking photos on the morning of the wedding when the bridesmaids were getting ready and organised.


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Reliable Kid

Established in 2019, ReliableKid is a removal and delivery service based in South Manchester. They take care of rubbish removals and the transportation of residential and commercial items.

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The Marchio Group

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Apex Surfacing LTD

Top by name and top by nature, Apex Surfacing LTD aims to deliver the highest quality in residential and commercial surfacing and hardscape. Apex has been formed from years of experience and expertise.

Apex copy.png

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THE CLINCH: All About Fighting

The Clinch is an online podcast that promotes discussion and debate about all aspects of fighting forms such as Boxing, MMA and more. Established in 2021 the Podcast is in its early stages of development.

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SiteLink Group

SiteLink Group is a recruitment agency specialising in the construction sector, based in Manchester they help connect the public and industry to form long-lasting working relationships.

Sitelink group business cards.png

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Exose At Home

Exose Grant is a chef and Masterchef Finalist from Manchester. Exose has worked in the industry and around the UK for the past 8 years. He launched Exose At Home in 2019 and continues to grow the business. 

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Resin Gold

ResinGold was created in 2019, since the growth of their socials and the addition of the website, ResinGold has continued to grow and thrive through the changing climate.

Resingold flyers.png
poster 2.png

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The Seven Oaks

Established in 1864, Seven Oaks is a pub in the heart of Manchester City centre serving the locals for over 150 years. The pub continues to grow and adapt to this ever-changing world.

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Residential Coating Solutions

Residential Coating Solution is a sister company to ACS. RCS are a paint spraying company based in South Manchester. RCS repair, spray and bring life into old fittings and features.

RCS Van2.png
key heating & plumbing logo image.png

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Key Heating & Plumbing

Key Heating & Plumbing is run by a freelance Gas Safe engineer based in South Manchester. The company has been serving its local community for over a decade.

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What started out as a hobby slowly turned into a full-time business. Glasberg is a rope access specialist based in London and Manchester. Glasberg has been scaling buildings for over a decade.


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EMES: Martin Stratil

EMES or Martin Stratil is a house & garage DJ from the Czech Republic. Martin needed a logo to represent him so he could include it on Posters and Social Media.


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M A Finnigan LTD

Property Solutions is a reliable north-west and family-run property management business working with estate agents, landlords and tenants since 2008.

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Dale Fitton Design

Take a look behind the scences.

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Industri Logo.png

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Industri is a platform/community created for the hospitality sector. The hub connects people, jobs, equipment, products, offers, industry and more.

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