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A strong and consistent brand presence that is forever developing is what sets apart the elite business from the rest of the pack. The logo, Colour, Typography, Brand Values and Language just to name a few all factor into your brand's presence among your audience and competitors.

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Logo Designer at Work


With the rise of different social media platforms and technologies, it is now important that logos are dynamic and functional. It also needs to be able to adapt to its surroundings and the new ones when they arrive.

Image by Christina Rumpf

Colour Palette

Your colour use within your brand is a great way to create visual consistency throughout your brand. The colour we use and how we use it can also portray emotion or feelings.

Image by Bruno Martins


The Typography we use is key to how our target audience processes the information or language we use. The ability to show warnings, shout or whisper using weight or special characters. Typography enables us to communicate visually with the words we use and not rely on the definition.


Brand Values

Brand Values are a set of principles a company stands by, They are in place to communicate your Brand Message, Identity and Personality. Brand values are ultimately how you want to be seen by your audience.

Image by Brett Jordan


The language a brand uses with its target audience is vital for effective understanding and communication. The body of Words, Phrases, Terms, Tone and Name a company uses are all a part of a brands language.

Our Branding


EMES or Martin Stratil is a House & Garage DJ from the Czech Republic. He needed a nice unique Logo creating with strong use of Typography.

Seven Oaks Logo White.png

Established in 1824, Seven Oaks is Pub at the heart of Manchester City Center. We built and manage the Website, Social Media and content creation whether that be for web or print.

SiteLink Group Logo.png

SiteLink Group

SiteLink Group is a Recruitment Agency specialising in the Construction sector, Based in Manchester the help connect companies with the write skill set. We did the Branding, Logo, Print and Website.

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