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Resin Gold

ResinGold was created in 2019, since the growth of their socials and the addition of the website, ResinGold has continued to grow and thrive through the changing climate. 

1. Typography

Resin Gold already had a typeface in place but the owner of the company had know idea what that typeface was. I decided to find a popular typeface on the google font library that matched his precious font, That was Lato.






2. Colour Palette 

The colour palette had already been established like with the typography the owner didn't know what his colour codes where for his brand so i fixed this for the client.

3. A-Board Poster

Resin Gold was in need of some print advertisement that they could strategically place in front of clients driveways so passers by had a point of contact and basic information of the services provided.


4. Colour Palette 

As well as printing A-Boards. Resin Gold was looking at getting some printed flyers. With a high-finish business, The owner wanted something different from a plain flyer. Resin Gold Opted for a 6-Sided flyer.


5. Responsive Website

One of the first jobs Resin Gold commisioned me with was to create a brand new website that whould be a Headquarters forr all his services, porfolio and information about the company.


6. Business Cards 

Resin Gold was also in the need for x2000 Business cards. We created some clean, simple and minimalistic business cards that showcased his brand colours and typography.

7. Correx A-Board (A0)

Resin Gold Need some durable boards they could attach to signs/walls on properties they where working on. We created big A0 boards made out of plastic correx for a long lasting product.

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