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Exose At Home

Exose Grant is a chef and Masterchef Finalist from Manchester. Exose has worked in the industry and around the UK for the past 8 years. He launched Exose At Home in 2019 and continues to grow the business. 

1. Typography

The fonts I used for most of Exose's projects was Avenir and Georgia. I want to pair a serif font with a san-serif font. It was important to create a modern feeling with a touch of elegance.








2. Colour Palette 

With this simple and elegant colour palette it enables the colour in exose's food to shine and take centre stage. Exose's brand and personality is represented in the food he cooks, we had to create a platform for this.

3. Videography

We found a location, rented the necessary equipment, storyboarded and then got down to business. We had specific shots we wanted to capture but we made sure the cooking was unscripted and free flowing.


4. Menu Design 

Exose needed a series of 17 menus for his website. The menus had to be downloadable and readable online and also had to look good when printed. 


5. Responsive Website

The website was the most important aspect of the work i did for Exose. with all the content, connections and ventures he was on, he needed a solid foundation/HQ to record and showcase his journey.

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