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Hello, Im Dale.

Born and raised in Bredbury, South Manchester, I have always had the urge to create things. From starting out drawing cartoons I have developed my craft and love for Design through years of study and experiment. I'm proud of my city and hold Manchester close to my heart 

Designed and Created by  © 2012 - 2023 Dale Fitton Design LTD 

Brand Values

At the heart of our brand, our values serve as the guiding principles that define who we are and how we operate. Our brand values aren't just words; they are the pillars that shape our culture, inspire our team, and resonate with our community. 


The Mission

Our mission is to build long-lasting relationships and to help provide affordable and professional design to communities and businesses by going above and beyond.

Our Clients

We are privileged to collaborate with a diverse spectrum of clients who share our passion for excellence and innovation. This ranges from visionary startups to industry leaders.

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