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Architectural Coating Solutions

Starting in 2012 and then eventually being established in 2022 I have slowly grown and developed my business through years of study and error. I have grown my clientele and body of work throughout this time whilst also building a network. With simplicity close to my heart, I pride myself on the wide collection of work I have created.

Logo Design

I was tasked with editing Architectural Coating Solutions existing logo. I wanted to create a colour palette with more variety and change the previous type face for a more modern feel.


Logo Variations

Like with all logos, we created a few variations to assist the client with a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to help with placement depending on which platform/mediam.


I wanted a bold, loud and modern font that stood out. I opted for Maven Pro, The type is bold and modern and has a nice finish with subtle curves. 



Maven Pro

Open Sans






Colour Palette 

We wanted the colours to fade/transition well together. The logo looks like colours blending together so It was important the colours  reflected this. Blue was already established, I added the green for a positive tone which reflects the environment.

5. Business Cards

We created two sets of Business Cards for ACS from the branding and assets we created earlier. We kept them simple with all the key information required.


6. Flyers

We took key services from the booklet in order to create cheaper forms of advertising with some flyers. This enabled the ACS to priorities and gave them more control on how they marketed and who to.


7. Company Booklet (36 Pages)

One of our biggest projects for ACS was a 36 page booklet design we created and helped get printed. This booklet tells you everything about the company and its work.


8. Document Report (.PDF .DOC)

We was also tasked with creating a Document that would be used by the company as a template for them to write on top of digitally and physically.

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