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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can reach out via socials, phone, email or the contact form provided below. Every question deserves an answer so get in contact today.






Frequently Asked Questions

What's a .PNG?

.PNG = Portable Graphic File - Image-Based

.JPG = Joint Photographic Experts Group - Photo-Based

.PSD = Photoshop Document - Software Format

.GIFF = Graphical Interchange File Format - Images-Based (movement)

.PDF = Portable Document Format - Presentation

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a Domain?

We create stunning Video's that capture and tell stories to make long-lasting memories and impressions. We have a range of Cameras, Lenses, Lighting and Rigs at our disposal. Should you require 4k, Drone Shots, Photography or Slow Motion... Then we have everything you're looking for.

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